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    Post For those of you in virginia beach that didn't know.

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    that it's flat today? Ha, no, that's a good cam, it's located at the S-turn, I believe.

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    Dude, now EVERYONE is gonna surf there. I mean, like people from all around the world will now flock there. That and the Jetty were the last 2 secrets of this town

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    I stopped surfing SB when the bull sharks cut me off..near the pier..

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    I thought Sandbridge had head-high glass everyday. Thanks for the let down Sandbridgesemilocal. Also, how are you only a semi-local there? Do you live in Lagomar or something?

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    Isn't that cam down by the market when you firsts get to sandbridge?

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    Thanks for the link ... I prefer the Surfline cam though as it's actually full-motion ... Plus I always surf down at Little Island north of the pier when I do go down, which doesn't have a camera ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by K-Dog View Post
    Isn't that cam down by the market when you firsts get to sandbridge?
    No, the owner of the restaurant at the east end of the bld has been asked many times to put 1 up there. would you?

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    Necro-threading here. Just thought I'd throw in this screenshot for anyone who cared. Camera pans from the jetty to the pipe. Only zooms in at the jetty though. Didn't know if people knew about it.