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    Hoping for flatness :/

    How's it goin, long time stalker first time threader.
    So my shoulder's been f'd fer the past 3 months. Finally saw a surgeon and he recommends arthroscopic surgery on my rotator cuff as the fix. I've surfed several times with it like this, doesn't bother me much while I'm surfin, but I def pay for it the next day.

    Just wondering if anybody has had the same procedure, what I can expect, so on. Doesn't really make sense asking my doc these questions, when there's a forum full of doods.
    Also, kicked the reefer after 20 ys. Any tips with coping w\out would be great! Please don't say jeebus.

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    Doc told me 5 weeks min in a sling. Hence, hoping for flatness. Shouldn't be hard to come by in s fl..

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    Also, kicked the reefer after 20 ys. Any tips with coping w\out would be great! Please don't say jeebus.
    Stay off it. After 3 weeks you won't miss it. (that was my 'kick it' time that it took)
    It's worth it. You'll like breathing!

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    8 weeks off the reef for me. My first 3 weeks were hard, my therapy was making hateful rants on here, playing golf and guitar. Keep with it, it will get better.

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    My shoulder got farked up when I got T Boned by a 89 year old lady in a Crown Vic. Lucky my wife, daughter and I were all properly strapped in. To rehab, I took up tai chi. It has been great and it has added richness to my life, much like surfing. It took me about 2-3 months to get back into the water and about 6 months to get totally right. It is gentile and gradual and subtle, and helps your mind send vitality throughout your body.

    As far as the reefer goes, congrats! I have heard valarium or st. johns wart is helpful.

    As far as wishing flatness for everyone else here in S. Fla - you've done enough! We will have waves on Thursday in spite of your negative vibes and I will be thinking of you as I throw mad spray off the lips on chest high chop. Get a camera and be useful to your bros. Don't be a hater, be a congratulater! Hope you get better in time for the swells, dudebra.

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    Yeah, don't mean to be negative nancy. I'm gonna get some too, hopefully fri after work or sat morn. My luck we'll get something epic when I can't go, in the next few weeks.
    As for the ganja, smackin around the kids this last week has really helped out(with my good arm of course).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Radderbsurfin View Post
    As for the ganja, smackin around the kids this last week has really helped out(with my good arm of course).
    +2 for child abuse. Or is this a roundabout way of saying you will use your other hand to masturbate?

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    Ha! Not so much. No problems there, that's more of an elbow/ forearm xercise.

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    Kava helped me stopped smoking, you can order it online, it taste like dirt, like the earth, its a ground up root, and it numbs your mouth a lil........and I havent surfed since July 15th, and cant surf till Jan 15 2014, longest break I had since I was 17, good luck with the surgery man

    Kava is relaxing and you cant really drink too much, like your body wont let you put the cups to your lips if your too deep into the trance. mix it with pineapple juice or coconut milk to make it not taste so gnarly.

    godspeed, casu I know that no surfing and no ganja make me go something something....

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    Get a great PT. Seriously. They are the real deal in terms of giving you options other than getting cut.

    Orthopedic docs love to cut (of course, it's good money). Yet, shoulder surgery is one of the least-guaranteed remedies for shoulder damage, and it's highly invasive (scope is over-hyped). Plus, you're looking at a one-year rehab, my friend, I don't care what Dr Kildare claims about you being great in 4 to 6 months.

    I have a torn rotator & a torn labrum. It's something like an 80% SLAP tear. I shredded it while pitching in the Pan Am Games. Not only did it end my playing days on the spot, I literally couldn't lift my hand to my other shoulder. I couldn't paddle hard for waves. It was beginning to strain my other shoulder because of the imbalanced weakness. Painful would be an understated, nice term for how it felt every morning. My ortho doc said try PT, if that doesn't work, I can cut & have you ready in a year (he was the team doc for an MLB team).

    So, from his referral, I located an awesome private-sector PT who understands athlete's mentality. (Not that factory-med crap that you get from places like Commonwealth Orthopaedics, btw. Find a PT who knows how athletes think.) Did the x2 per week PT sessions and always the exercises every day without fail. I work out every day, too, for 30 mins.

    After 6 mos I was surfing without pain. Oh what a feeling of goodness to be pain-free. So, I can't throw anymore; it's pathetic because I used to have a gun, but I avoided surgery & I'm pain-free, strong as ever & can surf, cycle, slap a chica's arse & all the good stuff.

    I've seen a lot of guys have the surgery. And a lot of them, post-surgery months later after all the rehab, are the same as when they went in, or worse. Some get better, but not most. You just don't really hear about the fails. Even with all of the advancements in treating injuries, shoulder injuries are bad news. Much simpler fix if you were to blow out, say, an elbow.

    Sorry for the run-on post. Just that I'm a huge proponent of PT as a great solution to avoid invasive procedures on your body - - if you are willing to do the exercises. Not chiro (those guys are like crack dealers, they never really fix anything they want you coming back week after week forever for your 'fix') and surgery as the option of last resort.

    Buena suerte!
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