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    Shout out for cancer

    Met these guys last weekend at CB. Surfers/skaters from VB...They are skating from VB to Key West to raise awareness for cancer research. We chatted for a while, really cool guys.

    Please support if you feel inclined.

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    You make a totally valid point. Actually, you make several totally valid points.

    The business of giving, in America, is worth billions. And look at the scandals that have been produced. The United Way scandals, emphasis on plural there. The Susan G. Komen cancer fund scandal.

    Know where your donation goes if you're coughing up cash. The majority of 'volunteer' organizations devote only a fraction per donated dollar to the actual cause.
    Why? 'Overhead'
    Translation? High salaries & perks for those admin people in those 'volunteer' organizations.

    The guy who runs Unicef makes $1.2 mln per year, plus his paid-for car is a Rolls Royce, and he floats around $200k in 'expenses.' Approximately .14 of every dollar you toss in the Unicef container actually gets spent on the kids.

    Another offensive deal is with Marsha J. Evans, President and CEO of the American Red Cross... her salary was $651,957 plus expenses. Enjoys 6 weeks - fully paid holidays including all related expenses during the holiday trip for her and her husband and kids. including 100% fully paid health & dental plan for her and her family, for life. This means out of every dollar they bring in, about $0.39 goes to related charity causes.

    Brian Gallagher, President of the United Way receives a $375,000 base salary (U.S. funds), plus so many numerous expense benefits it's hard to keep track as to what it is all worth, including a fully paid lifetime membership for 2 golf courses (1 in Canada, and 1 in the U.S.A.), 2 luxury vehicles, a yacht club membership, 3 major company gold credit cards for his personal expenses...and so on. This equates to about $0.51 per dollar of income goes to charity causes.

    There are some excellent charities out there. Just know where you give by asking questions as to where the $$ actually go....

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    Quote Originally Posted by hanna View Post
    i'm gonna sound like a d*ck but so be it:

    i am painfully aware of cancer - you couldn't raise my awareness any higher. so is everybody else. in fact, the Big Pink Money Machine has rolled thru CB several times in the last few weeks, raising money for...well, more cancer awareness. i've attended several of these events....and probably much like these Cancer Cruise guys, they are hosted by very well-intentioned people. but these things (events, campaigns, foundations etc) have become a business model - supporting big organizations with 6-figure salaried execs and a focus on fund-rasing and the point where, if cancer was cured tomorrow, it would put a lot of people out of business.

    at these events, walks, races, marches, whatever, you don't hear much about cancer prevention....ostensibly, it's all about "the cure". not much talk about the correlations between cancer rates and lifestyle, nutrition, diet, exercise etc., whole foods versus processed foods, sugar toxicity, meat consumption, smoking, chemical exposure etc etc etc. there seems to be a lot more $'s in "racing for The Cure" rather than focusing on prevention.

    again, no doubt these are well-intentioned guys and i respect their committment....but it seems like you could probably do a lot more by educating people on the benefits of, say, eating unprocessed foods or getting daily exercise, as opposed to crusading under the vague and well-worn banner of "cancer awareness".

    just my 2 cents. flame away!
    ^^^ What he said

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    Hanna/Yankee - valid points indeed. And I too am painfully aware of cancer, being that I lost my grandmother and my father (and far too young). The people that profit off other people's misery deserve special punishment, IMHO.

    These guys did me a good turn, seemed legit (tried to slide them a few bucks and they directed me to the website), and it doesn't seem like one of the big corporate charities, so I figured I'd do them a good turn and give them a shout out. As to how much good this charity is actually doing I will leave that up to people much smarter than I to figure out. I hope the org they work for is legit and not a front for some already fat cat to get fatter. As I mentioned, people can support if they feel inclined...or not. I don't tell people what to do; I preferjust give them info and let them make their choice.

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    hanna I agree 100%!

    another point is that the pink pushers recommend more frequent breast screenings which in turn actually increase a woman's chance of breast cancer.

    f**K the pink s**t, total f'n scam!!!!

    clean foods and clean living!!!!

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    I want to say something relevant to this thread, but Duval Street keeps calling my's ruining my train of thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlrouen View Post
    I want to say something relevant to this thread, but Duval Street keeps calling my's ruining my train of thought.
    Fantasy Fest bro?!?! Maybe a float of a Jesus v. Moses surfoff, or a crew of bodacious torquettes would be most fun. Send pics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sisurfdogg View Post
    Fantasy Fest bro?!?! Maybe a float of a Jesus v. Moses surfoff, or a crew of bodacious torquettes would be most fun. Send pics.
    Wouldn't that be a dude in flowing robes parting the waters while the other dude in flowing robes walks on the water? Key West is flat so the conditions should be perfect. Pics, or it ain't happening!
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    Like you guys, I DO care where the dollars go. I personally have the discipline NOT to ever take money to do the charitable activities that I'm involved in. Let's face it - to take money from other people's donations, and put some of it in your pocket is just plain WRONG with a capital W! It would be different if you took some money and then used ALL of the money to pay for things - and can account for this, or are someone who is so well-known to be honest, that others trust you. But making a job out of running a charity is just plain
    immoral - it is not at all charitable. To be charitable is to GIVE not take! One should take no money at
    all. What we need are laws that prohibit this kind of thing. It seems that mankind cannot be trusted to
    have one simple thing: self-discipline and a lack of greed. We should be paid for things that we do that
    aren't just panhandling. Charity CEOs are nothing more than panhandlers. But this kind of attitude
    is spreading to the young people in universities. They are literally being taught by professors to do this
    kind of thing. I want to puke right now!