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    looking for surf buddies in or around LA


    i just moved to LA, and would like to improve my surfing while i'm here.
    i have had a couple of surfing lessons before in morocco and france, but i am still a beginner, i stay in the white water and try to improve my push-ups. still, i am rather looking for a crew than a teacher.
    anyway, i don't want to go out on my own, i have no knowledge about the spots here, and even if i googled a little there is a lot of different opinions.

    about myself: i am 23, female, from germany. i do snowboarding and longboarding at home, sometimes pilates. i also like movies, techno, beer, nice people and travelling.

    if you go out sometimes and would like company, or if you have reasonable tips about surfing in LA or a wetsuit size medium, let me know

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    There's a crew from Digital domain that goes out alot at lunch time, by Venice Beach, friendly guys and gal. Check out that area and meet them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Betty View Post
    There's a crew from Digital domain that goes out alot at lunch time, by Venice Beach, friendly guys and gal. Check out that area and meet them?
    Digital domain? I'm surprised their still in biz.

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    Coastal LA is huge. There are many many surf spots/beaches from Palos Verdes/Torrance in the south to Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades area in the north. What beach(es) or portion of the LA coast would you most likely be going? Check with local surf shops near these locations. Does anyone at work surf?
    There are some members on this Forum from So Cal, or recently lived there, who would be more helpful than I.
    Above all, be careful.

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    thank you for your replies!

    i live in marina del rey, so venice would be convenient, expect for i am dong an internship and am busy at lunch time except for friday maybe...are you within that crew betty?

    als another question, do you think this wetsuit is suitable for the temperature here and worth its money?

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    Wahtever else happens, and I hope you meet some cool people, stay away (in fact: run) from people named the gnome & chucka-boo-boo. Oh, and if a dude named wayne pulls up in a white van? dial 911....that's what we do in America.

    'Impacting the coast for safety for size medium wetsuit German tourists.'

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    Buy us pizza?

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    A Chinese company bought DD out this past year. Yeah, still in biz.
    Kasha, hang out at the place called Firehouse and I bet you'll run across the DD surfing crew. Nah, they are my kid's buddies. I am on east coast. Good luck and have fun!

    I wear a 4/3 liquid taped seams, but I get cold super easily. Body Glove. Kept me warm all winter. I think it's called Neo Fusion.

    Drop by Action Watersports in Lincoln Blvd.they will help you with gear etc. Real nice guys.
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