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The spawn of Emass are multiplying and spreading up and down the coast. Stoked 40 year old groms are coming to your neighborhood next! Mooohahahaha
Easy there Devil Wears Braddah...

My 40-something self may still be kicking azz and taking names but that's a decade away.

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What is it with you E Mass guys and amphetamines? I mean , I get it, they're fun, but you guys love 'em up there!
Straight stoke SS. Straight stoke. I don't need any exogenous psychotropic compounds to rev my engine. Just the waves, the pave, and the wahines. Alls I need braddahmon. Can't say the same for Walter White here who just jumped on board SI. He can speak for himself.

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Yes because anywhere has better surf then boston, you better get back In your prius and drive back. Return to the street life of smoking your crack cocaine and hustling. Them nc boys are going to pound you if you go paddle out. Better bring a can of copenhagen to share then they might spare some mersey.
SB, this new chap doesn't know what to make of you. Keep it coming though because your material is at an all-time high in this thread. I dig. He thinks you're for real too!!!