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    Thicker Than Water

    So i just watched Thicker Than Water again for like the hundredth time and I gotta say it was just as good as the first time I ever watched it. I usually watch it a few times a month because it's one of if not my all time favorite. It's not a very long video but it's short / sweet and very impactful I feel, and it leaves me wanting more at the end. Every time it's over I always say or think to myself, "man I wish that flick was longer", which I don't say very often.

    IDK, just wanted to post about it. I think Jack Johnson is an amazing artist, musician, surfer, producer, etc., and this is one of his finest works in my opinion. His choice of songs for each scene I thought were perfect and I wouldn't change any of it. His song "Moonshine" is a great expression and fits perfectly for me and how surfing feels from a musical standpoint, if that makes any sense at all. (probably not)


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