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    Love that movie.

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    I like that movie. I like the surfing in it any way. Not much of a Jack fan. Have only seen him surf in video and yea, he can surf. Musically I find him VERY boring. Same chords, same rhythm, same tempos. Hasnt done anything new....... ever. Dont mind some of his songs in surf videos as they fit the scene well but would never purchase his music or see him live. I usually put on other music when Im watchn videos. Especially watching Morning of the Earth. Lol Now RunMan 69, thats a surf video!

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    Anyone know of any good surf movies on Netflix?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mbs05c View Post
    Anyone know of any good surf movies on Netflix?
    dude Netflix has just about every surf movie that ever came out.they have 1000s I didn't even know existed.just search,i know they don't have it on demand,only dvd.highwater is a great one,its about the triple crown in Hawaii,u see them surf sunset during a rising swell where the waves are like 25ft faces legit.down the line,its an espn surf movie,probably my favorite surf documentary of all time.its not one of those retarded trick trick trick vids,they talk about paddling out getting beaten,heavy wipeouts,how to dodge the whitewater also has slater who talks about how competitive he is and why hes the god of surfing.

    highwater trailer

    down the barrel

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    Netflix has some vids the problem is finding them. Netflix isn't the easiest to find stuff. You kind of have to know what you want to see and then search it.