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    Monmouth/Ocean County NJ

    Well now that the waves are gone if you have never tried one, a carver skateboard is a sick way to get a little leg workout or concrete surf on.

    If any of you guys know of any banked areas. I'm looking for street spots to film a video. If we were in cali, the sewage banks would be ideal but nj doesnt have them. It has to be rideable with a run up and I'd say between a 30-70 degree slant and the taller the better. The skatepark in sayreville is a good spot but I'm looking for street spots specifically. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    Ocean County NJ
    Golf banks! What!
    Jk, that's an old school spot in Edison NJ. It's done. It was shaped like a perfectly tapered 5ft wave. They staked parking blocks along the top in a perfect line flush with the bank/wave face to "stop" us from skating there. Haha they had no clue they made it way better! Oops. They eventually put parking blocks along the bottom deeming it unskatable. It was the sh*t while it lasted.
    Ahh, the old days.
    Good luck finding a rippable embankment!

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    Google the Dustbowl in King of Prussia, PA. Not too far and most definitely worth the drive. KOP has the best ditches I have ever skated.