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    BERT - Surfing's Banksy

    BERT usually throws up some street art based around current events in surfing and i've stumbled across a few of his pieces in person (Trestles and PB). I think they're awesome and thought I'd share.

    This is his most recent one "Mick 86es Medina"

    Check him out on IG @bert_art

    Oh - anyone else see parko get slapped by a body boarder in Peniche?
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    wait wait wait, a grown man was body-boarding?

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    Yeah, and he slapped up Parko.

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    Best comment in the thread about BB's: in my country, we call them women and we have sex on them

    made me laugh

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    for clarification, I am no talking shtie on any mode of waveriding, I just think its funny to see the back and forth