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    Matador 10'8"x25x4


    Selling this tanker for 450.00. Pretty much gonna catch anything with this, had it out on some decent sized days in the past as well, and it is alot of fun. Just dont forget how to count if there is a crowd....located near LBI, can meet within an hour or so. Fin box has been replaced, no dings, just some pressures on the deck. Has also served as SUP for small enough riders. Not really looking to trade, but I am in the market for something like 6' and change to 8' stuff similar to Bing Maui Foil etc. Worst I can say is no thank you.
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    ping chucka-boo-boo.....he likes stuff like this

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    Let your inner wave hog out with this tanker....

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    The motor must be an inboard since I can't see it mounted at the fin.

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    Bump ..........

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    This has been sold.