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    october and they're already wearing 5/4s with booties gloves and hood...that and you get probably one day of cloudy, cold, onshore, ridable surf after every storm...until the whole lake turns to a skating rink
    I get it now. Some of these "idiots" here in EMass who are already gloved, hooded, and booted while it's still seasonable in the 60s (air and sea) are just lakers. I say it all the time...we persecute what we don't understand. Now that I've got perspective on these chargers with MVsurfer Syndrome, I'll empathize with them rather than want to tear them a new one in front of the wahines in the lineup.

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    Nice Bro! I enjoyed it! Brings back memories of surf/road trips... not to mention the fresh water!!! Thanks!!!

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    Good stuff Ryan, didn't have much time to watch the whole thing but I saw some of the wave footage, looked fun, keep up the good work on the videos, don't worry about the criticism of others who have no footage of their own. You're right about the rawness of that place, a complete change of scenery for sure, a rare gem i'd say. How often does it get like that? Is that normal or far and few between?

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    I met a guy from Lake Superior recently here in Maine who builds his own boards. He was in Maine for a weekend surf trip. Cool dude. He was telling me that it gets pretty epic on the lakes. I didn't really believe that it got that big but that's pretty solid looking. Cool video man.

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    looked fun, glad my addiction isn't subject to the inconsistent whims. How often does it get like this?