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WE talking about Peak Prosperity ? or the first posted link made by wavehog?
Doomsday-ers, esp coming from some biblical angle, are worthy of being scoffed at. However, those that point out that ponzi schemes can't go on forever and cite current and historical events to validate their claims shouldn't be.
The site the OP linked.

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anyone who thinks infinite growth on an finite planet is possible is either a fool or an economist...unless we start mining and farming on asteroids, things are going to get ugly when the growth curve hits K

You hear that noise? that's Alaric Balth of the Visigoths sharpening his sword
Infinite growth is what the free market guys seem to be relying on. After all, they state it will be better for the global economy. Personally, I always stand by the fact that this world is overcrowded, and we need to limit breeding as much as possible. Of course, certain individuals on here claim otherwise. I can tell you that this world would be a better place with about 3 billion less people on it. Start telling people they can only have X number of children. In a few decades, we will see the population reduced to a more manageable level. But then again, that goes against the whole libertarian mindset, so many of you will not like hearing it.