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    What's Your Guild Factor?

    Found an interesting article on ...lost that gives a good volume to bodyweight calculator for all you shortboaders out there. ill post the page talking about it and the actual calculator. Thought it would be helpful for people looking for that magic stick

    Factor Explained:

    Actual Calculator:

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    It's interesting but I think that those three factors (body weight, surfing fitness level, and surfboard volume) are only three factors in an equation that actually has a bunch of other ones that also matter a lot. I mean its good that Lost and some of the other companies are trying to be a bit more scientific about it, and have the resources to break down their board production into this much detail.


    Wave quality - lets face it small mushy waves vs. steep hollow waves matter a lot in board volume
    Surfing style - different styles, different shape
    Distribution of volume - width, thickness, rocker, foil, tail and nose width. Not just overall volume.
    wetsuits - are you surfing 75 degree or 45 degree water?