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    Fins - FCS, Lokbox, Futures.

    Got the following fins for sale. All prices include postage to US.

    *SOLD* Lokbox RFC Twin Keel Hauler, clear, excellent condition, $45

    *SOLD* FCS FK-2 Twin Keel, smoke, excellent condition, $45

    *SOLD* Lokbox RFC Quad Speed Dialers, clear, mint, $60

    FCS Von Sol Phantom Quad, excellent condition, $55

    Futures RFC R4 thruster procore, smoke, 4.25\" base, mint, $45

    *SOLD* Futures T1 twin and trailer, white composite, excellent condition, $20

    Futures F3 thruster white composite, mint, $20

    FCS PG-3 red fiberglass, mint, $50

    *SOLD* Lokbox 4 3/4\" base 4 1/4 height twin keels, fiberglass, smoke, (I don't know which RFC model these are...they're small keels)

    FCS M5 IFT thruster white composite, excellent condition, $15

    FCS M7-G1000 Quad set, white composite, great condition, $15

    FCS G3000 thruster set, black composite, $10

    Excellent condition = few minor scratches from living in the fin box. Mint = no scratches

    Fin photos
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