You novice dudes are ok, and youse guys tied down by family, cubilces and mortgages move along little doggies...........That's no insult, but this probably won't appeal to you. But if this does make you say, " Hey, my wife's getting more annoying and my job sucks," and you happen to consider the following then you are my hero.

Look, if you been doing this a long time then you know this coast leaves a lot to be desired. Yeah, you got a few points and rocks from Eastern Long Island northwards, and, yeah, parts of North Carolina are pretty scenic and dreamy, but, man, there's a whole world of surfing and adventure waiting out there.

Classic memories are not made working 9-5's and having a family. Yeah, yeah you had a big wedding at a church and you videotaped your kid's first steps. Man, that's no memory, Over 6 billion people have the same memories.

So, lets get all Kerouac this spring, once the country thaws-out, and let's hitchike across the country. We'll go, "wherever God takes us," and we'll make fantastic memories, surfing good waves amongst classic backdrops. Shoot, we'll hit Northern California for the harvest(next fall), and surf our way up to the Canadian border, where we will paddle across the border. Then we we'll meet sympathetic Canadians who will harbor us as we dominate Jordan River. Dudes, Jordan River kicks arse. And remember guys, nothing is more attractive to a female than a wandering vagabond. You can't fornicate with a Oklahoman if you are in Ocean City, Maryland.........

So, start saving some travel bucks, as I need some investment capital. Don't worry we'll do some scams and sh!t along the way to keep some coin in our pockets. It'll work out. God will be on our side so we can not fail. Even crossing small towns in mid-America will be a blast. We'll be Free, something that not many people really know.

See, the problem here is that youse guys think this existence of consumerism and relationships really matters, but it doesn't. Nothing matters. It's all possible in your brain, a virtually untapped source of unlimited potantial.

Youse guys preceive that life is supposed to be lived a certain way, and any and all deviations to the script make you uncomfortable. Who says that you have to be so stationary and grounded to be happy. Really, how many people are truely happy(without adderall, prozac, xanax, Budweiser, etc)? Throw away your mortgage and make the world your home, for New Jersey sucks and so does Florida.They legalized weed in Washington for God's sakes.

If anyone knows how to make a covered wagon that would be so choice. Tell the world you're going Californee-way. No, not towards Venice Beach but Eureka or Ft. Bragg. Hey, if Charles Manson could get by, then why can't I?