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    Those buoys along wb are indicating where there are pilings sticking out of the ground. I'm assuming they were placed there a long time ago to act as groins and help hold the sand in place. If those are the orange buoys you are talking about I'm glad most are marked off because I stepped on one when they were marked and cut my ankle/foot up pretty bad.

    You're thinking of the buoy at Augusta St. Yes, that marks some uncovered pilings from an old groin.

    There is also a brown buoy further South around Access 40 that marks the remains of one of the 4 sunk Civil War-era Blockade Runners on WB's South End. Thing scared the frack out of me the week before last. It's only above the surface from about mid through low tide. It was right around mid-tide and I went to paddle for a wave only to see some dark shape moving beneath the surface and creating a boil/wake right beside me. It bumped my leg and I almost pooped in my suit until I realized what it was. Totally blew the wave for me though.

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    Haven't seen that yet, might have to go check it out today. Probably would have freaked me out too not knowing it was right under the surface.

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    Cops have never given me trouble for surfing around the pier. Have drifted by crystal multiple times while cops drive by, I don't think they really care.