Hi friends, and fellow surfers --

I am eager to help a friend of mine start a "movement" within the surfing community. SurfQuest international is up and coming apparel and travel-info created by surfers for surfers and anyone else with a passion for the see.

Recently my friend launched a Kickstarter campaign seeking some funding for the next production of t-shirts and stages for the mysurfquest.com website. Robert (my friend) is hoping to start including travel info and resources for surfers who have never traveled to some of these destinations (like myself). As you know, leaving your home break can be fun but it is something I have only dreamt about and I am sure I am not the only one. The problem is I dont have a reliable source to go to for information and recommendations on lodging/traveling without feeling like someone is trying to sell me something.

SurfQuest Kickstarter campaign - http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/...-water-culture
SurfQuest website - http://www.mysurfquest.com

Anyways please take the time to view his website that I developed at mysurfquest.com and most certainly please help support the SurfQuest movement by contribution anything to his kickstarter campaign. Even if it is just a share or like so your friends can see what SurfQuest is about.

Im anxious to hear your feedback as we are the target audience for SurfQuest and we would be the biggest voice in Roberts ear as to what to include.

Thanks for reading