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    poopinthewater Guest

    Naked Spearfisher

    Dude wat is up with this homo naked spearfisher. I meen come on. Who really get stung by a 40 foot manaware and doesnt go to the hospital. What an idiot. And who goes spearfishing naked. That could really hurt the ecosystem with all the skeet and piss. Also, I hope the administrators see this because he is scaring me. He may be a pedifile. Anyone named naked spearfisher must like little boys. His names probably Peubert and lives with his dad. Anyhow he probably has a really small *****. Wat the hell is up with this guy. This is giving the southeastern surfing a very bad reputation. Please kick this guy off of swell info.
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  2. OKAY pal. first things first. i do not have a small star star star. secondly, i do not understand why you would be so cruel to say such a malicious thing you ignorant, arrogant, low down scum. thirdly, i spearfish naked; it really gives you a more surreal experience, and you're practically one of the fish yourself. i can take you with me sometime if you'd like. fourthly, you say that spearfishing in the nude would hurt the ecosystem...what the ******* dude..your name is poopinthewater. you really think that a little bit of skeet is worse than the bacterial fecies and diseases that come along with human waste? and for the piss, about 93% of all beach residents pee in the water, and the other 7 % poop in it. i guess you're in that 7 percent. anyways, thats all irrelevant. for your question of who i am though, i am your worst nightmare. i swim solemly through the depths of the ocean, only armed with my manhood and my spear. later on my friend.

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    poopinthewater Guest
    Ok Brasif. I can not be so much more disgusted with the southeastern surf scene and that is solely based on you. If you want to spearfish naked that is cool with me, there are 2 things wrong with that. First, it is illegal to spearfish naked and secondly can you wear a condom next time. It will be better for all of us. The reason I also think this is fake is that there is a coast guard station right next to the jetty and I would expect them to see you. They wouldn't let you get away with that. Also, do you know how bad off example you are setting for our kids. It's awful. If parents want a good day at the beach they dont want to see a huge weiner and butt. All they want to see is the beautiful beach and lay in the beautiful sun. They don't want to have there sun blocked by a big ***** that is erect since he saw all the little kids

  4. well man thanks for complimenting my size, come out between the hours of 1:30 a.m. to 2:30 a.m. and you'll be sure to see me. by the way i sent u a friend request man! lets chill! i'll be surfin at cb early on tmrw mornin, my spears in the car. its a big purple jeep with pink rims. keep on spearin!

  5. and btw in case you havn't noticed yet i've kinda been joking.dont spearfish and didn't get stung by a 40 footer. have seen a shark and a stingray recently though...sketchy. best of luck surfin
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    wow, what a conversation!!!. poop, don't talk about stuff you have no idea about. and naked spear fisher, spear fishing is awesome. later