So here's the story, I'm trying to finish as many "half-done" projects that I can before the end of the year. This is a blank given to me over 6 years ago. It is a Chinese walker foam blank. 11'2" longboard blank. Stringer was separating. Couldn't pass on a free blank. Easy fix right? Well no. I decided to make it a gun instead. I have been obsessed with the 10'10" Jose Angel gun pictured in Greg Noll's surfboard book. Just love the lines and the color job. So I set out to make a tribute board. So I finally scored a 12' balsa plank from Mitch at Exotic Tropical Hardwoods in Carlsbad Ca.

It sat nearly 4 years in my shaping room almost finished. Hated the stringer I had glued in there. So I cut it out and put the Balsa in its place.

Due to a "mishap", (DAMN-IT!) nose came out narrower than I wanted. When boards are this big, no matter how many years handling surfboards, I totally F'd up the nose. Aaarrgggg!

Painted the foam, glassed, made the fin from leftover Balsa. Sanded, Painted on Hot Coat. Red, black band and pinlines.

It is glossed, ready for polish next week.

11' x 21.0" x 3.25" Handshaped (of course).

Glad that's over...
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