So anybody who knows me, I always have surfboard projects in various stages of completion. This year is no different. So I thought I would post some photo's of this years projects. All of these boards I glued, hand-shaped, airbrushed, and glassed. Many started as one thing and became an other.

Dissect Series

A couple of years ago, I began a new project. I started to cut up some perfectly good surfboard blanks. Cutting and re-gluing them into an entirely different shape than they were intended to be. I began to call these boards "Dissects". As in dissecting them into pieces. Just like that frog you cut up in Biology class. Only I put them back together. For example, some started out as a long-board blank, and became a gun instead. Others were a gun blank and became a fish.

Missing from this thread are, Race Paddleboard, Asymmetrical s, Agave boards. Maybe another thread. When I find time, I'll add more photo's. Way more at my website.
Barry Snyder
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