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Thread: To some kooks.

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    well if the guy was being an ass to the other "gentlemen" all day, he deserved it

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    I was there when that fight happened. Both guys new each other. Probally brothers I supose? You ever see jordy and I fight...all the time! I don't know. Every fight I have ever seen when out surfing is between two people who probally banged each others g/f's or started some mamma talking. The problem always came from outside the lineup. Then you get the testosterone flowing and they fight. In my eyes, if our presidnt says it is ok to fight to solve a problem, then we should solve our problems that way also. Am I wright? We are the only animals who don't fight hand on hand, claw for claw reguarly. Ever see fight club? That $hit did wonders for those guys. They all felt better after they pounded there selves silly! I have no point here and I am just rambling, pray for waves! I don't like fighting.

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    Amen to that.

    Ride waves! However you can.

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    i agree that the battle between bodyboarders and surfers is stupid, however i believe in localism to a certain level. bennys need to learn that this is our beach not theres. if they "heart" NY so much why dont they stay there?! go to you will understand what i am talking about. KEEP IT LOCAL!

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    yea i agree, i can't stand bennys

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    Yeah, I had another form of a**hole-ness (localism, whatever you chose for this situation) today at inlet getting wetsuit on by my car when some older gentleman drove up next to me stared at me. After an akward moment he simply said "yuppie surfer". I was kinda taken back and speechless since I have never been called anything like that. He then said "a rich surfer" and shook his head then drove off. I have surfed here my whole life in Ocean City and recently saved up enough money to get a new car and I get hassled and labeled a "yuppie". I can't think of a more ignorant situation for him to drive from boardwalk/pier area of lot to other end to call me a yuppie surfer. What car a person drives or the equipment he has should not label him a yuppie, but that is my opinion. I have the most respect for everyother person in the water and I will be as far out of the way as I can just to enjoy the waves and the water.

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    hell yeah man, right on

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    Man that's crazy, people are crazy, what kind of person cares about or will judge you on what kind of car you drive? What an idiot. Its all about respect, in and out of the water, and living in ocean city, there are many times (especially on weekends in the summer) that I have seen a great lack of it towards the locals that ride these breaks year round through the sun, storms, ice, and snow. Glad to hear SOME locals have the right idea. We'll give ya waves all day at 86th.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beaner View Post
    not that this justifies the fight but the individual who was the recipient of the pounding had dropped in on the other gentlemen several times throughout the course of the day. Although he person administering the pounding is definitely a loose cannon and could have taken another more mature course of action.

    By the way, in the 8 years i've surfed the particular break where this fight occured, that is only the 2nd fight i have seen. So understand that fights don't occur as frequently as you might think in the garden state.
    Ditto to what Beaner said... Beaner, what was the other fight?