Let's say there's a reality TV show in "vote you off the peak" format. It is judged by three all-timers (for one reason or another) and two teams are coached by two current pros, each of the 8 weeks you travel to different breaks on 6 continents that have a certain grade of conditions (for better or worse), and one perk of being a contestant is that each week you get the stick of your choice for the break and conditions you'll be at during that episode.

Respond to this thread if you choose, and fill in the following choices if you were given the role of producer then also for competitor:
Examples for responses are entered, use the same format for yours.


3 Judges
Must be alive and notable in a major way to the surfing culture. Two of the three picks can be ASP pros or former ASP pros, while the third has to be either a cultural figure or a niche (big wave) surfer.
Judge 1: Tom Curren
Judge 2: Rabbit Bartholomew
Judge 3: Micah Peasley

2 Team Coaches
Must be two active ASP professionals.

Team 1 Coach: KS
Team 2 Coach: Mick

Break Categories
1) Must choose a break from each of the six continents other than Antarctica. NOTE: Hawaii is not part of North America and is a Polynesian sub-region of Oceania.
2) You have two Wild Card choices that can repeat a continent as long as they satisfy a break category. These will be best used to satisfy the less than stellar break types.
3) You can use a given break for a given category if that break has conditions that fit into a category on at least a semi-regular basis (certain seasons or weeks) since even world-class breaks don't always have bombing surf and are attractive since they offer different conditions by the day or time of year. Many breaks will fall into several categories at different times of year.

Big Wave Break: Maverick's - United States (N. AMERICA)
Gnarl Break: Shipstern's - Australia (OCEANIA)
Right-hand Barrell Break: Jeffrey's Bay - S. Africa (AFRICA)
Left-Hand Barrell Break: Supertubos - Portugal (EUROPE)
Overhead-DOH Point Break: Punta de Lobos - Chile (S. AMERICA)
Chest-Head Glassy Beach Break: Brawa Beach - Indonesia (ASIA)
Waist-Chest Mush Break: Short Sands, Maine - United States (WILD CARD 1)
Ankle-Waist Mush Break: Dewey Beach, Delaware - United States (WILD CARD 2)


Must be brand-name since this show is sponsored, and larger independent shapers that would have a bankroll to get on as a sponsor can be used in addition to major manufacturers. You can pick the same board for different categories of breaks (i.e. same board for RH Barrell & LH Barrell. For big wave boards and such, your board choices will be assumed to be for tow-in unless you specify it is a paddle-in.

Big Wave Break: Maverick's - Gerry Lopez Tiger Tow-In 9'
Gnarl Break: Shipstern's - Merrick Gun 8'4
Right-hand Barrell Break: Jeffrey's Bay - Coil Qualifier 5'10
Left-Hand Barrell Break: Supertubos - Coil Qualifier 5'10
Overhead-DOH Point Break: Punta de Lobos - Bush Man Pancho Sullivan 6'10
Chest-Head Glassy Beach Break: Brawa Beach - Coil Widerboard 5'8
Waist-Chest Mush Break: Short Sands, Maine - CI Pod 5'6
Ankle-Waist Mush Break: Dewey Beach, Delaware - Airwalk Widdly 3'1

Wetsuits and Apparel: XCEL