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    this should scare and infuriate everyone on here

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    Depressing to see this. And, of course, the idiot incompetents who govern us will say they need to study it & produce a report detailing an action plan.

    Just as I didn't need a govt report to tell me that humans have created global warming (and thus the rapidly increasing destruction of our polar ice caps), I don't need a govt report to tell me that humans are destroying our own oceans.

    When the fish are gone (being the last truly wild food that we have access to eating), and they will be gone by the next human gen, we're screwed worse than we are now: everything will be processed food, laden (even more so than they are now) with drugs, chemicals & health-destroying additives.

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    I'm 38 years old and this is the generation that will see the destruction of the world! Its already in motion and is going to take a few years to see the drastic effects, however already things are starting to go south.

    Its funny how it really only began about 150 years ago. Man really didn't start pillaging and plundering the earth till about the mid 1800's (with any permanent effects anyway).

    Didn't take long...

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    Found this one through surfrider, more depressing and outrageous footage.!/

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    You guys do realize that most civilizations and religions have forecasted their own demise right? Look at the Mayans, their calendar ended a couple years ago but their people died much earlier. We've been warned that we should repent because the end is near too by many people in robes.

    It is human nature and forecasting fear of your own impending death that makes everyone look forward with fear at the end of the world. We are unique just like everyone else. We've got more facts on our side, Science Dammit, but the things we put are faith in are still telling us we're going to die. Barring a nuclear mutually assured destruction or direct impact from an asteroid the size of Texas we'll probably be ok. In the next 50-100 years these developing nations will catch up with the West and see the error in their ways and benefit from the cleaner technologies at the same time.

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    clemson, they were all local events, the survivors could leave and settle with a reduced complexity and live like wildings out in the forest...there is no escape from this crash unless you got a space ship

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    Its all part of the cycle. It can't go on forever. The Earth will be wiped clean and will start all over just as it has in the past.

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    wavehog, yes, but will it be fire? ice?

    Frank Zappa said the world will end in paperwork, seems most likely

    I was hoping to drown in vagina, but unlikely