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That's awesome, man. All this talk of fish oil and sh!t....and healthy living driving me nuts.

I had a friend......he turned vegan.............now I offend him with everything I say....everything I say offends him.....only yoga, vegetables and some white man buddha stuff is acceptable. I think there's a cult going on. It's like a cult, and the dudes peddaling the foodstuffs are like TV evangelists(right just like the ones you southern guys give your money to). Breaks my heart. Why are healthy eaters so God dang smug aboot it ???? Why??

Anyway thanks RCarter. You have restored my faith in surfing and life.

Sometimes my heart rate is in the 90's......is that like bad?
Ugh, fuggin vegans. Every one of them that I know always tries to push the lifestyle on everyone. I don't see a single reason to ever go vegan. I can understand vegetarianism and pescatarianism, but to not eat cheese seems silly. There are plenty of places to get free range dairy.