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Thread: fish oil

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    Quote Originally Posted by brewengineer View Post
    All but one post I made on here was straight forward, and had no comments that were snarky. Yes, I got a little rude with Royboy, but that is my response to his normal communication style. If you took them as snarky, maybe you were already judging before reading.

    As for your experience, that is good information. I am not sure what controls you used, or what other factors could be part of the study. Did you write a paper or record results? I would love to see it. Keep in mind, the study I posted was for thousands of patients. However, with the right controls, your data may be just as valid.
    Maybe I was too quick to point at your comment. If you and Roy have a history of back and forth then I get that.

    As far as the environmental impact that fish oil consumption is having...I really have not looked at that issue.It seems that over fishing as the population expands will continue to be a problem, and I have no idea what the remedy might be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mushdoc View Post
    .It seems that over fishing as the population expands will continue to be a problem, and I have no idea what the remedy might be.
    make less babies
    eat different food

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    What a post to wake up to. JA is an instant legend. Who's he calling "dear"? He called someone dear!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sisurfdogg View Post
    It would be very interesting to see what response you get with the same study population if they just ate lots of fish during the same time period. Would they achieve the same, better or worse results? Because most people on this thread that are refuting fish oil are refuting the source of the oil as being degrading to the balance of the oceans food chain. The anti fish oil caucus is saying rather than eat fish oil, just eat fish. This way the krill and the menheden can flourish and sustain the rest of the fishies.
    This study has been done as well. Males in Japan or China, can't remember which, with high levels of omega 3 in there diet have lower instances of prostate cancer. I think our diets are too filled with other bs to just be able to give a pill to a couple hundred dudes and simply check yes or no if they got cancer.

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    Bro. Please. Do not start this debate all over again. It's done.

    Let's now debate who JA was calling dear!!!

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    Pacific fish oil will enable you to read at night without the lights on.

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    Can I put fish oil in my engine?

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    Fish oil would be my last resort.
    I'd go with KY or maybe try that Trojan lube stuff.

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    Remember to keep that fish oil intake high folks,very high