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    Throwing up a ton of weights, pounding protein shakes, and fitness crazes like cross fit and insanity are for the birds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leethestud View Post
    I joined a cross fit gym briefly. It was cool for a while, then the more I showed up, the more they absorbed me into their cult. Eventually they put me on a diet. Sure whatever. I saw one of the guys out one night and he seriously gave me a lecture about drinking and the diet and being part of their group. When I went back, they were all like "hey we heard you ran into Mike" and then just gave me a group intervention about what drinking does to my body, and gave me some extra credit type sh*t to do for the diet. I just wanted to climb some ropes and sh*t, but noooooo. That was the last they saw of your boy Lee.
    This would have been my reply:

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    CrossFit is about as cool as SUPing while sipping on a pumpkin spiced latte. Do I believe in meat and potatoes compound movements and big body lifts? Schitt yeah, I do. But I don't believe in doing anything you don't believe in and you cats are right, most of these x-fitters really don't have a hard on for high-intensity interval, powerlifting or cross-training, or fitness itself. They just want to feel like they belong to something of value.

    Those of you who've been around fitness in the right (not gen pop) venues know the high value yet high risk of intense training using skilled movements and implements. Some of the exercises in CrossFit are like shallow reefs to surfers - you can't just jump in there and expect to stay safe, let alone enjoy it. Not only that, but specificity of a training program being geared to one's goals is always paramount to success and safety. We've got soccer moms training for a strongman comp. You go girl! With your wincing profile pic for Facebook of you under that Olympic bar with bumper plates nailing an ugly power snatch.

    Charging everything in sight + Carver board daily or EOD + eating clean = strong and able surfer. Are there additional training components you can throw in there? Yeah, tons. They'll help you if done properly and regimented strategically without overtraining, but all depends on what your goals are here. Only so many hours in a day and a few sessions a week or more of hard paddling and good effort on the water does more positive things for my body than two decades of even the most specialized strength and conditioning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kahuna Kai View Post
    I never did compete nor did I ever intend to compete. I did CrossFit so that I can get a nice six pack and get laid more. Definitely helped my surfing. Like I said, it made me more explosive and gave me more endurance. Tough to deny that, jokes aside.

    "eyeing trying to be the best of exercise. I play a real sport like a real man." Kenny Powers
    I agree with you, it does get you into shape, I did crossfit for a while, but got tired of spending the money and the competing at exercise thing. I'd much rather do P90X by myself on my own schedule.

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    I guess it helps to have a cool group. My x fit group were former and current college and pro athletes. They were competitive but fun to be around. I also knew I wouldnt beat them at exercise being a desk, phone and paper jockey.

    The best exercise for surf is surf. If we had consistent waves on the east coast, I would never do anything else.