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    do you think there are famous sharks trying to reform other sharks' habits and not eat Chinese people?

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    Most sharks avoid the Chinese. You eat one and half an hour later you are hungry again.

    Now 'Merikans...they're good eatin'! Just like bacon; quite fatty but they taste yummy.

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    Sometimes they do worse things with the sharks than just cut their fins off too:

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    this rules thanks for posting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koki Barrels View Post
    I commend Yao Ming for his efforts to try to change a culture.
    It takes someone with his celebrity status to get people to listen.
    right on KB

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    Good post Yank. Watching those shark slaughter videos pisses me off. Reminds me of the slaughter of the American Bison from 1870 to 1900. (aimed directly at destroying the Native horse culture of the Great Plains) Millions killed for just their tongues. Rest of the animal was left to rot.

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    That's awesome thing for him to do publicly.
    Now we need an athlete from japan to do the same.
    The biggest issue we have is illegal fishing in international waters. Poachers of everyone's ocean waters. Why ya think so many pirates now. Cuz they were fishermen who had no fish to catch cuz big illegal ships took what they had.

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    Maybe he can do something about the poisoned dog treats being sold to us.

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    Follow the money.

    That's the first rule of America.

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    great post Yankee! It so great when you see athletes with such incredible influence, actually do something so positive. Yao is the man!