My question is,........Is it a benefit to have users be able to post local surf reports?

What I mean is, it good or bad, in respect to crowds and true conditions?

i know I have posted a few, at certain times, and I hope it was a benefit for everyone.

But, as of late I am started to re-think my position on that. Having seen a huge increase in the local reports,......which have increased as the water temps have, I now think that maybe user submitted surf reports may not be in the interest of those of us that call some of these places home.

Is it not bad enough that all these !@#$ ^&* )&(*^&%$ have come out of no where and can be seen up and down the beach, falling on their faces, and having six at a time share the same wave?

Given the fact that all the info that is needed to make an informed decision is right here in front of them, why should users be allowed to make it ez on anyone, ....why not make the rest of those *****es do there own guess work and make the drive and find out on their own? You know, when it is winter time it does not make nearly as much of a difference, but for summer time, I reaaly am starting to think the surf reports should a BlackOut.

Sorry, but after seeing a few complaints about crowds on other website, when I know and saw first hand that those complaining were in fact the ones out of place, it tends to piss me off, so I am Venting. As well as Venting about all of these surf reports that do nothing more then add to the summer time problems, ....(regardless that the crowds will be here whether we like it or not, simply because it is summer), but maybe we should go old school and let everyone figure it out for themselves. This website and others have provided the tools, so let them do the work themselves.

And for the ****s that complain about crowds at certain spots when in fact you face was never even seen until maybe five years ago, at those spots, all I can say it, take yourself and the rest of your sloooow friends and go back to where you came from, and that would mean not in Maryland, if you needed a Hint.

I will most likely get crap thrown at me for this post, but hey, it is all Good!

Enjoy your summer.