The surf season is just getting into gear here in South Florida. The next swell is going to be blown out and drifty, so crowds are not a factor except at the south sides of jetties. But, when it gets good and it gets crowded, I have a few tricks.

1. Look at the guy who is on the peak, just before the wave gets ready to peak ( assuming you are the next one closest to the peak) and with big wide eyes, stare right behind him and say real loud: "Holy sh*t! Did you see that shark?!?" As he instinctively turns to see what he thinks is Jaws coming at him, snake the peak. If he gives you a hard time about not seeing anything after you paddle back out, swear to God that you just saw a 10 foot bull shark. Prove other wise! Word of caution: It only works if you don't use it too often, and never at the same spot on the same day.

2. That is all I am giving away. Does anyone else have any crowd control tactics they would like to share?