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    Single Fins. Past, present, future. Show us what you got...

    So as a child of the seventies, my first surfboard was a Russel single fin. 7'2\". Beat up, but ride-able.Took it home, fixed all dings with my dads Bondo, and proceeded to paint bottom and rails blue. White deck with a blue Lightning bolt. My first board. And also my first airbrush job. Surfed it for a year and traded it for a Twin-fin. Which I also painted. But that's a different story. Since then I have always had a love for single fins. Their lines and the simplicity of one fin. And the ride. The way they flow. and smooth out your style. Not to mention how they ride the tube! So the last couple years I have built a few. Mostly pintails. Some sorta retro. Some very modern. Here's a few.
    Barry Snyder />Agaves 005.jpgDSCN0481.jpgMisc boards 007.jpgMisc, WPF's 009.jpgmisc 021.jpg
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