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Thread: Rating the Fall 13 EC Season

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    Rating the Fall 13 EC Season

    I think my favorite thread on this forum thus far was the one where everyone rated last winter's wave quality on the whole from 1-10. It not only brought up an interesting debate about wave quality, it also brought up the issue of how surfers define the seasons (meterological versus calencar versus personal 'feel').

    Last winter, no matter how you define the dates, was at least a 9/10 in my opinion. This fall, which i consider to be mid august to mid november (meterological calendar) in NJ has been the reversal of that- i'd give it at best a 2/10.

    I realize my number is deflated b/c NJ got skunked on the columbus day swell, but would be interested if everyone else is equally bummed about the lack of waves, and when you declare fall to officially start and end.

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    15/10 at my local break

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    I wouldn't be able to rate the fall until it's over. You couldn't review a band's new album after the first two songs...

    This week is flat. There were fun waves last Thursday and Friday. There were barrels in the south two weeks ago... August is definitely summer in my book. I would say fall is over midway through December.

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    We are paying for last winter. Last November through January had one of the best runs of swell I can remember. I would give it a 10/10, especially considering those three back to back to back nearly as big and perfect of a swell as you can hope for in late November into December.

    On the other hand I guess you can give this summer a 0

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    Last winter was a 6, maybe. A handful of good days does not constitute a 10. Friggin consistency constitutes a 10. Last winter wasn't crazy consistent. It had five good swells, maybe memorable if you where in the right place....definately not epic in the south-facing part of the world. All those swells were accompanied by hard sw - wsw winds.

    I don't know, maybe Delaware had a special season. Actually I did see some photos last year that made me have dreams of West Rehoboth and Nino Mancari and Kyle McCabe. I know North Jersey came up with the goods a handful of times last year. But if a season is judged upon five swells, we're all in trouble.

    Actually, we are all in trouble because this place sucks. Inconsistency, beach replenishments, sandbar killing Nor easters, Matt Keenan, Delbert, Florida, SW winds when it should be NW, no dogs on beach May-September, greenhead flies, Deal, NJ, closeouts, mushburgers, UNC-Wilmington, URI, LBI cops.............

    I remember that NE the week after Sandy(it was ok, nothing special) and a few other head high days, but I don't remember November being that epic. But then again, maybe your spot was special. And yeah my spot wasn't that great after Sandy, sheet I was even relagated to Ocean City for a few weeks, so maybe my area just didn't do it. But it was more than average this summer. Amazing what a proper magnet sandbar can do for you, huh?

    And this summer wasn't bad. Good lord. There were waves all through June. Philadelphia recorded its WETTEST JULY in recorded history. This isn't the tropics were it rains every afternoon. Something makes it rain, like weather systems.....and these fronts typically produce waves. If your spot was flat all summer, then your spot sucks balls. If you're getting two waist + swells a week in JUly, then you're doing pretty good.

    As I said before, Archy said in late July that he was surfing 3-4 times a week all summer. And he's had three interviews done on him in ESM. And he knows all the Jersey hotshots.

    This fall is only 1/3 of the way through.

    And actually it's pretty ridiculous rating a season for THE ENTIRE EAST COAST. Every stretch has its days. Shoot, one spot can go-off while twenty miles down the road sucks. And there's a lot o' miles between South Beach and Moody's. I know, us Jersey people tend to think WE ARE the east coast. Well, you can't balme us, for we are as cool as they come.

    Actually who gives a F what other people think of a day, a week, or a season. It's all aboot what your friggin spot serves up on a daily basis. It's aboot what YOU personally scored, not what everybody else did in distant locales.

    Baba Booey. Baba Booey

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    With the exception of a few days, pretty much this.

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    SS after seeing that post, I need some

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    That doomsday swell last winter? Anyone? I think everyone on the eastern seaboard scored that day. None of us got sucked up into the sky either! Win Win!

    This fall I agree has been pretty dismal. I'd give it a 4/10. There were definitely a few days that caught me by surprise, and by that I mean head high and barreling. Nothing bigger than head high since that swell in early June. I believe it was the 24th? I remember surfing with a few of the local dudes, and one guy was like "****, this is the last time we'll see a wave this big till fall".

    So yeah, all in all, this fall has been pretty beat, and at a time when I'm unemployed and have all the time in the world. Hopefully this winter will shape up to be one to remember. Also, looks like there might be a swell approaching approximately 8 days 4 hours and 32 minutes away. Bust out da gunz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seldom seen View Post

    With the exception of a few days, pretty much this.
    You eat a lot of green veggies? Or is that the camera adding a green tint.