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Thread: Surf's Up NH

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    Surfing has not been underground since a long time ago--- I believe around the time you could buy Quicksilver gear in a mall in Tulsa, or the first time a Billabong exec made over $100k a year.

    I have this theory that every time a board meeting is called at a surfing related company to discuss market trends, budgets, cutting corners, etc., there is a flat spell.

    Basically what I am saying is, if you're name wasn't the primary name on the VHS box library card from the "Extreme Surf" video, and the song from that video isnt permanently stuck in your head, you're dead to me. Seldom...



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    The "SurfStream" simply will not replicate the surfing experience. The still shots and renderings of that thing are borderline depressing. Ever try the Flowrider? NOT SURFING. Not even close in my opinion. Guess it works as a business model...

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    Surfing is not underground its underwater

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    Quote Originally Posted by AggroNE View Post


    ^^^^F**king awesome!!!

    I consider myself a purist, and would certainly not frequent this establishment, especially considering my germophobia...but a day trip to NH to try the thing out and pick up some fireworks while I'm up there sounds alright during a flat day in January. In all reality I don't think these things pose a real threat in terms of lineup congestion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by macgregorsmith View Post
    We're getting one in NH! It may not be a wave garden, but it will help cure the sickness on those brutally long flat spells. It will also be a good place to get the girl on a board, or get her drunk while she watches me have fun.
    It'll probly be fun a couple times, but I couldn't see myself going there all that much.
    I like the plan.