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thanks guys, i know my friend and i are about 95% sure going. just a huge step being from the east coast and family and friends here but like ive said and people have said on here, if i dont do it now, i wont do it at all. i have a friend on oahu who is dating a guy from Kauai and that spot seems right up our alley, outdoor life, surfing, not mainstream to tourists.

like i said before, really appreciate all the inside info since ive only been to diamond head.

keep the info coming! any particular spots in Kauai we should look at for apts that are close to towns (jobs)?
Don't wait for your friend-go solo. Its eassier to make friends if you are on your own + nobody wants to invite 2 people to their favorite secret spot unless you're a hot couple of girls. That's just reality. Go first, make friends, get a job and setup, then have your friend join. I move to Hawaii solo and it was and remains one of the smartest things I ever did for myself. Go now. Safe travels.