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    Things to consider:
    -yankee has absolutely zero validity to anything surf related, except perhaps his opinion regarding food after surf. Anything else that has been valid from his brain is lost in the archives of SI, if they exist it's buried deeply under its troll Mecca it had spawned.
    -Yankee frequently posts negative non meaningful jibber to people who make him upset. For some reason it's upset easily.
    - it has a tendency to lash out with no provoking, a rouge type animal. Wounded or infected with a chronic virus it persists it's troll agenda.

    More to consider:
    -MIS (make it stop) is this even a name ? What are you? I'm perplexed by the existence of this character.
    -make it stop, by feeding into the yank and attempting to compliment it in its devilish scheming troll agenda, you have become nothing but a trolls pet a willing and 'bottom' pet.
    -also make it stop shows no qualities of a surfer, starts threads about movies , which is fine, but lashes hard at the people who are creative and obviously genuine surfer.

    - we've all see the sonic ear claps boys, We've all seen Roy's epic saga. The real guys will always win.

    ~Chuck Taylor
    zzzzzzzzzzzz .... must be exhausting to post such prose, eh Einstein?

    Above your pay grade again and past your bedtime, chucka-boo-boo. Time to say your evening incantation, grab your gnome pacifier & bite down hard. "Sweet dreams, cupcake," calls boo-boo da-da.

    'Mirror mirror on the wall,
    am I the boo-boo-est of them all,
    sonic clap trap what I like to do,
    another phrase for wanking true,
    out in the barn just me & my dummies,
    when no one's lookin' I call 'em hunny,
    my idol is gnome,
    he'll walk me home,
    just me & him & wooden boards,
    in his shed at night
    he shows me his magic kiwi light.'
    -- ballad of chucka-boo-boo
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