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For your information what the USA does affects everyone on the planet.

Your attitude is again typical of US foreign policy.

It's a distraction from the endless gutter humour which some of you are posting, and as you know it is a picture of the author so has some relevance.
Yes being the greatest Nation on the planet does mean what we do affects everyone but like I said as Americans we don't give two sh!ts about what a douche from NZ thinks. Your country almost never responds to help out others nor do you have a valid army, hell my son's Cub Scout troop could probably kick your armies @ss. I know a lot of the world disagrees with US foreign policy and even a lot of Americans do too, and as Americans it is their right too just as Charles stated his opinion about it and I'll tell you I very much disagree with the current administration, but as a New Zealander on an American forum I'd advise you shut the FU(K up about America and keep your opinions on OUR nation to your damn Gandalf looking self.

P.S. Brewengineer I never saw Roy's comments on the holocaust. What thread was that in?