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Your own past PM called your military SOFT. That is another word for weak. In the thread referenced you belittled the Holocaust by quibbling over the exact numbers killed by the Nazi's, even 1 is too many so arguing over the numbers is retarded and disrespectful to the jews that died and their families and further stated that it was used to rile up anti German sentiment to further the war. And I did not ask or pray to God to kill you, saying "I hope to God" is a phrase we use often here in the south. You have made more enemies in this thread than any other one you have posted in. Please keep up your bullsh!t and get yourself banned form SI like so many sites before. If I remember correctly the Admin is from Delaware, the first of these great states in the US and will probably get fed up with your trashing the US on his forum. Keep in mind you brought US policy into this thread with a snide comment at my innocent quoting of a line from The Karate Kid. In all honesty I do truly hate you, think you were a waste of your dads cum and hope too God, Satan, Allah or any other person or deity listening that you cease to exist as soon as possible.
Carter I think your issue is that you take things way to personal sometimes. Your axe wound is bleeding some more eh ?