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    Sick waves in northern new york

    This past weekend I took a trip up to northern new york and it was probably 15 or 16 feet. They had the sickest lines and huge barrels. I don't live there so i guess i picked a good day. Anyways while I was up there I saw some huge ass shark. It must have been about 13 feet. Scared the **** out of me. Anyways, I was just wondering if that is normal if it was at about 2:30.

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    ummm. should we just disregard your posts from now on?

    not trying to be rude hear, but just like your previous thread you created, it was complete BS?

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    Where did you go in Northern New York that has waves? The only part of NY that gets waves is Long Island, and that is as far south in NY that you can go.

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    no offense poopinthewater but some of the posts i have seen from you they are complete BS so i'm going to ignore them if they are from you especially the one about naked spearfisher. Because i think that it was just rude of you if you havent even met the guy cause u never know he might b a nice guy.

  5. ha i dont even freakin spearfish..i'd like to try it though. anyway this guys retarded, ban him from swellinfo haha

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    So.where EXACTLY were you ? Long Beach ? Gilgo ?? Ditch Plains maybe ?? Do you know they caught one of the BIGGEST GREAT WHITES ever landed off the coast of MONTAUK ?? Concievably....that 13 footer could have followed you back here. You probably should stay OUT of the water. We wouldn't want you to POOPINTHEWATER. Some of us.have to surf here.