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    Colleges in San Diego

    As I'm applying for colleges soon, I wanted to get a better sense of what the schools are like in San Diego area. My parents plan to move out there to retire so I feel like it would be a good fit. (UCSD, San Diego State, and University of San Diego) If anyone has any experience or knowledge about these schools it would be really helpful.


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    Been there done that... Are you from the East Coast? I am, and I went out to visit UCSD, San Diego State, UCSB (Santa Barbara), Berkeley, Stanford...the whole thing. Well I enjoyed the trip but now that I'm applying, the only one I'm actually going for is Stanford. The reason is that all the UC schools are going to cost a private school tuition for a public school education. UCSD and UCSB especially apply to a Cali-based student body, so lots of kids go home for the weekends, etc. You may go so far to call them commuter schools; UCSD doesn't even have a football team. It is right on top of Black's though so most of your time may be spent there... That being said, if you are from California it's a completely different story. I have heard good things about USD, not too sure about SDS. Have you looked into Pepperdine? The campus is unreal. A short hop from Malibu.