trying to decide between puerto and costa for a trip with two buddies and our girls and would like to keep expenses minimal without being concerned for our health and wellness
guys want to surf; chicks want to sit on the beach
i know we can each have a small no frills casita in Negra for $15/ a day or a room in Grande for $400/wk but will need a car $550/wk to surf anywhere but the place you sleep. I figure $30 a day for food and drink per person will be more than enough.
flights are going to be around $5-550. other than tipping to make sure your car isnt ransacted there arent many other expenses although i havent been in a year and a half.
Please let me know if times/prices have changed in Costa and any insight on Puerto Rico would be great
All i know of Puerto is the flight is going to be about $350 tops from the tri state.
what is the cost of living food, beers, room and board, tequilla, board rentals in case we break some
do we defintely need a car/truck to surf or can you plant somewhere?
any other need to knows about PR would be appreciated as well