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    9'0" HP longboard & 9'6" Noserider for Sale - Central NJ

    9'0" EPS/Epoxy HP Longboard. Nose concave with bottom contours, pulled in tail, 2+1 fin setup, lightweight, more rocker all around. Super easy board to turn. If you like to throw around a big board in better surf, this is it. If you ride shorter boards and just want a longboard to catch more waves on small days this will do it too. Demo board shaped over the summer. Free to try before you buy. $495 w/ fins pictured.

    9'6" x 23" x 3" Lightweight Noserider. Poly blank, epoxy resin with color work. Blunt nose w/ nose concave, 50/50 rails, tail kick. Lighter than most stock noseriders but still has the glide and stability. Reason for the lightweight is for easier turns/setup for noseriding in shorter beach break waves. Demo board shaped over the summer, free to try before you buy. $475 w/o fin.

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