Sorry, I donít participate in organized religion nor am I attempting to start one. Iím all for promoting a positive way of being for humanity but religions are distorting the truth and arenít meant to be literal interpretations or twisted to fit agendas. Itís difficult explaining how I/we fit into the bigger picture universally.
I found the ocean (my church). Thatís the place where I really connect to the greater infallible energy of the universe. Iím referring to the circular cycles that inevitably and perpetually take place on timelines we canít comprehend. This energy is all around us, and also is us. Do you feel it? You canít control it at all, ever. Itís quite literally awesome. When on land, participating in the rat race this energy is difficult to gauge.
Waves are a direct result of this universal and perpetual energy. While surfing, weíre inserting ourselves directly into the heart of this energy despite the mass of variables. I feel when we navigate sick waves to completion we are truly doing something special by synchronizing with the greater energy that fuels the universe. Surfing is more than a sport or lifestyle.
Surfing isnít the only way to tap this energy directly, but feels like the best way to me. I also found playing music (not the set list of your favorite Friday night cover band) can take me there but not as completely. I sort of pick the energy out of the air and just start jamming. I can play other artists songs but prefer to make sh*t up and flow with it. I had some pretty fulfilling solo and group random jam sessions over the years. I may not remember what I played the other day because it was such a space journey but itís never stopped me from playing something cool today. I just go with the vibes and thereís a good chance theyíll be different from the previous jam anyway. Forcing out known songs doesnít satisfy me much although I occasionally enjoy playing a couple. Flea is mental!
Howís my long winded excuse to post this sick vid that some of you probably saw already?
Anyway, grab a beer or a v8 and relax your mind. The essence of my ďreligionĒ can be experienced here:
I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did. The essence really kicks in during the second song.