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Thread: rip Buttons

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    rip Buttons

    its a sad day for the surfing world, Buttons Kaluhiokalani lost his battle with cancer yesterday. he was a true standout back in the day. Like so many others,i used to watch his movies and try to copy his moves to no avail.Glad he was able to come back from addiction and have some beautiful years of surfing and family life before he passed
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    RIP were an inspiration to so many.

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    Damn, sad day indeed. RIP Buttons.

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    A true legend and inspiration and most of all he died clean

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    I got to meet him many years ago at Surf Expo, he was repping for Da Hui. He was full of aloha and not at all pissed he was in Orlando instead of his beloved North Shore during the peak of winter season. He was very gracious and gave me a Da Hui leather key chain which I treasured, but finally wore it out. A true legend. He will be missed.

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    Yeah. It was sad to see him all jammed up a few years ago. I couldn't believe when I saw him on Dog the Bounty Hunter. Living in a car and strung out on dope...
    But it is very inspirational to see that he was able clean up and get his life together. I'm glad he was able to do that before he died. He had the easiest excuse possible to turn back to the dope (cancer) and he stayed clean.

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    afaic, Buttons was the father of modern surfing. He was sliding 360s, doing reverts and laybacks on shortboards before anyone else. The original master of control. Sad to see him busted on dog the bounty hunter for smoking meth...definitely detrimental when dealing with cancer. RIP
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    I remember Buttons from an old surf contest at sunset along with Tom Carrol, Wes Lane, Shaun Tompson. He had so much fun energy and just raised the vibrations for everyone in and out of the water. You will be missed and loved always

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    Thanks for sharing.

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    Meet him last year at the belmar pro. He was a pretty awesome guy to talk to. So unfortunate. Rip buttons