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Well, I got my first taste at Seaside Cove this past weekend. Went with some dudes from work who convinced me to paddle out in 9' surf. And yeah, the waves at this spot were a little less steep than an east coast beach break, but wow are they way more powerful. I've never been ragdolled and held down like that on the east coast, even in hurricane swells. Easily to the point where it was uncomfortable to hold my breath...and then I'd surface only to see another big guy about to reign icy, briny terror on my head. And duckdiving successfully under a wave like that is no easy task! Can't remember the last time I was genuinely afraid for my life in the water before that. I didn't even care how cold it was. Certainly a thrilling, but humbling experience. I've got a long way to go I guess...luckily I have an in with some Oregon veterans and there are some sheltered spots that get good, smaller swell during conditions like that.

Matty, was that one crazy old kneeboarder out at the point on this particular day?