Hey kocksmoke, I research more about which break in a 200 mile radius to hit at which swell direction occurs in a damn 10 minute window on the EC when we finally get a swell worth talking about than you do about ways to triple-dip into gubment cheese. I drive by breaks more often than you drive-thru at McDonald's, which is nearly impossible. My trip out here is cut short by two thirds after losing a family member. There was 2.5 hours of sunlight left so was it really the right move to spend 90+ minutes pissing away through traffic here on the coast to find the perfect break? There's a ton of guys here with immense knowledge of SoCal breaks. It was a simple question to answer as to which breaks are good at low tide.

We have people getting legit responses to an incredibly generic thread such as "what is the best break in New Jersey?" yet I'm getting an earful from a waste of life.

FYI...that post was not for viajero, it was for KockMonster