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    Bound By Sea - the movie

    I'm gonna definitely support this with my $. The film premiere is happening in Wilmington, NC Nov. 16, 2013. Check the film's homepage for more info.

    The ocean teaches us about failure, but also about success; how to fall, and how to get back up. Jack Viorel fell in love with the ocean at a young age. Now he is sharing that love with his 9-year-old daughter, Gabby. Together they are embarking on a yearlong journey to teach children in need the value of surfing and fighting past hardships in all four oceans of the world. However, while Gabby and Jack focus their attention on helping others, their own lives begin to fall apart. He is forced to quit his job, adopt another child, and run a business, all while juggling his commitment to his wife and his surf charities. Directed by local, Nate Daniels.

    Here's a wonderful trailer--->

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    Shoting Piers in Honeyton
    Very cool. I'm gonna try and get down for the premier too.