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    I don't have a real job yet although I'm getting there so some of these ideas I'll have to remember. At the moment I don't go into work til 11 so I usually can surf for a few hours before work. But on days were it's really good or is supposed to get good later in the day I'll just make sure I got some food in my stomach and chug a Gatorade then throw up. Iv gotten pretty good. I'll run to a garbage can and throw up in front of someone. I get told to go home without even asking

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    The fact that your purposely and false-fully vomit in front of other people is awesome.

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    just go in late/or go in and get someone to call and say you have a emergency to take care of.

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    Ya that would suck if you went through all that and the boss still didn't let you off. Not only would you be missing out on the surf but you would have poopy pants the rest of the day. Then you probably have to take the next day off because your but rash would be too bad!