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    Best shops/shapers in Wilmington area?

    Looking to add to the quiver, going to be at CB this weekend was wanted to talk to some local guys to see what they recommend. Prefer to pay a local guy. Any suggestions are very welcome.

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    S.O.D. Shawn O'Donnell
    Jimmy Keith
    Allen Rigan

    And I know the other WB CB KB surfers can throw out a dozen more.

    Also, Check out CB Surf Shop down by the lake.

    Thursday surf report looked good. Maybe Friday. Then it gets small but hopefully clean Sunday Monday.
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    Thanks for the info CBSCREWBY.

    Heading down Fri night, yeah Sat AM doesn't look good so thought I'd go talk to some peeps about a new board then hopefully catch something Sat PM or Sunday.

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    CB Surf Shop is the best in the area. Ask for Steven.

    We have a lot of great shapers in the area. My favorite local shaper is Greg Eavey. Check out his blog here:

    Dru McDaniel is also very talented and is originally from CB. He started on the East, but moved out West to shape for Channel Islands when it was owned by Al...he left when Burton bought them out. Now he's back here shaping for Spyder, Action and Havoc (his label). I've only used him for dings, but my next board will definitely be from him. His facility is in Monkey Junction, so it's not too far from CB. Definitely worth dropping by and talking to him for a bit. PM me if you want his contact information.

    By the way, what size board are you looking for? I've got a fresh 9'2" that I'm trying to unload if you or anyone else here is interested.

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    Thanks DL. That's two recs for CB Surf so will definitely check those guys out. The wife will already be down at KB with her parents so I'll prob stop in Monkey Junction and stay with my peeps J n A Friday night, so I could check out Dru Sat AM. I'll PM ya... Plus A's ex was a shaper so she knows lots of people down there and is supposed to introduce me to a couple.

    Not really sure what size I'm looking for to tell you the truth, but not looking for a longboard as I'm happy with the 8'0" Robert August for that. I'm looking for something smaller, so I really want to talk to some people and find out what they recommend. I have a 7'4" Cannibal but not that crazy about it. Might go smaller/more volume. I have some ideas but really want advice from people a lot more knowledgeable than I.

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    If you want a Jimmy Keith shape, head up into ILM and go to Green Room.

    I think you would really dig a Whiskey Fish in the 6'5" + range if you are looking for more performance than a longboard but want great paddleablity. They really hit it off with that template around here,. If I were to own one I'd be going in the 5'6"-8" range. HOWEVER, one of my bigger buddies has a 6'10" that I always have fun on when we're messing around in small mushburgers.

    Otherwise get/order an Eavy. It's just my opinion, but I think Sean O'Donnell's more high performance shortboards are where he excels. Judging from what you say you are looking for I think a Keith or Eavy will be the best bet. If you want to take a trip down to OIB, JM surfboards (Jesse McCrery/OIB Surf n Java) would be another solid option.

    Just as a disclaimer: I have limited knowledge in the, for lack of a better term, high performance fun shape area and the only modern board I have ever ridden in that range is the aforementioned 6'10" Whiskey Fish.

    Happy hunting!

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    All of the above info is very good.

    At Green Room; we are a board factory and not a resale shop. We design, build, and test all our models extensively before they are offered to the consumer. We use only the finest, highest quality materials available, and we build our boards one at a time by hand. Our Green Room epoxy resin is exported globally and requested by a vast number of "world class" board builders including CI, WRV, Hydroflex, Ricky Carrol, Hamish Gram and many others.

    We offer shapes by Jason Hendricks, Shawn O'Donnell, and Kenny Briel produced in our Wilmington factory as well as shapes by Jimmy Keith (who does indeed still shape for and use our technology exclusively).

    We have 80+ boards in 11 models in stock and we build custom boards with NO UP-CHARGE!

    We stake our reputation on offering our clients unsurpassed customer service and product knowledge. We spend an average of 45 mins with each customer assessing their board requirements and explaining the different aspects of surf board design. Our goal is not to "sell you a board"; but rather to provide our customers with enough design information to enable them to make the correct choice for their particular surfing needs. Its working as we have a multitude of repeat customers! We are building relationships because we all live here and surf here.

    Enough talking. Come by the retail shop and see for yourself. 910-799-2772

    GM Green Room Board Co.
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    Thanks Erock and Hanna. Sounds like I can hit up the Green Room and check out the Whiskey Fish and get some good advice. Looks like I got some leg work to do this weekend.

    Green Room Boys, are you open on Sat? And where is the retail shop? I could hit that before heading towards CB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tlokein View Post
    Thanks Erock and Hanna. Sounds like I can hit up the Green Room and check out the Whiskey Fish and get some good advice. Looks like I got some leg work to do this weekend.

    Green Room Boys, are you open on Sat? And where is the retail shop? I could hit that before heading towards CB.
    Don't know their hours but it's at the corner of south kerr and south college. If you're comin in from I-40 it will be right on your way to CB

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    Another vote for Eavey. His boards are the shiznit! Also for longboards or more throwback styles check out Will Allison's boards.