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    Paddle for the peak at windan. You should make some friends.
    ha, this or go to blacks during a big NW and get pounded by some huge clean up sets. seriously just look at surfline, you won't be welcome at most spots, especially the ones that aren't on surfline.

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    Dude you surf NJ and have never gotten barreled?? You're blowing it dude, get on some of those 23 footers.

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    I would def hit the North County SD breaks....Del Mar...Encinitas ,Leucadia. I lived in Leucadia which bumps into Carlsbad just to the North and surfed in small crowds often. Stone steps and Grandview (Leucadia) are two mellow breaks and fairly easy to find. You will love the place trust spoils ya quik ! Oh, I would also recommend Sunset Cliffs in Southern San Diego. It's an awesome left hand reef break covered in eel grass and can reel for hundreds of yards. Just watch people enter and exit the break as it can be a lil sketchy off the rocks to get out and leave later....Enjoy!

  4. best surf spot in southern cxalifornia

    From LOwer Trestles to San Onofre state beach southern california is the home to the beaches. This is the best in the world.

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    trestles or if you want a beach break el porto

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