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    New board for the quiver

    Hey, it's time for a new board for next spring and she it's good.
    I want it to be a hpsb with a touch of extra volume.
    I need it to go in between the Stewart fartknocker and the Wynn.
    I really want to go Wynn for this board too.
    What do you think would be best?

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    channel islands Remix. Great HPSB that has just a tad more girth in the tail and nose.

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    what are the dims of the stewart & the wynn? seems like the wynn is more of a step-up type shape w/ a rounded pin & the stewart is an ultra-groveler. maybe a fred rubble/flyer type board? a little more width & thickness but less length a slightly more relaxed entry rocker.

    good on ya for keeping it local, btw!

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    The fart knocker is 5' 9" and the Wynn is 6'3"
    I am about 6'3" and 150

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    The funny thing is that I have have gotten barreled on the Wynn and the bing, but always seem to pull into the thicker and hollower waves with the bing and the board is massive so I just end up getting plowed
    It is 7'11"x22 1/2x3

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    Go into Greenlight and talk to them about a rocket fish style shortboard. Thruster or quad... or convertible. Swallow or battail are proven winners. Something in the 5'10 - 6'0 range for you would be pretty good, I'm thinking.
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    id be looking at a dumpster diverish kind of board. he makes one called the trash picker i believe. i had one for several years and it was my go to board.

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    loving the trac pad on the funboard, zman. Is that to keep the can of beer from sliding around?

    Flyer or speed demon aught to fill that gap. I have a copy of a CI red beauty that is hands down my favorite HPSB, a bit thicker and has an that early 90's feel. Mine is 6'4 x 20 but I've got 50 pounds on ya.
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    Sorry, nothing between a 7'11" Wynn and Stewart Fartknocker can even be considered a HPSB. You are in fun shape territory there, or maybe grovelor.

    If you want a real HPSB with a little more volume check out Lost V2 Shortboard, or CI Fred Rubble, or Roberts Black Diamond. Those are HPSBs that carry some more volume.

    I don't think I've seen a Flyer or Speed Demon for sale in 5 years, on the rack at least?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stinkbug View Post

    I don't think I've seen a Flyer or Speed Demon for sale in 5 years, on the rack at least?
    If those shapes go away, I'll be stoked, because I have a quiver full of them that is about to be "vintaged"