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    Quote Originally Posted by bassplayer View Post
    F you haha lucky bastad.
    HAHA, bout another month of this and i'll be in my spring or 3/2, it's most cold from Jan - Mar

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    I was out for about 2 or 3 hours on long island last weekend in board shorts and a rash guard... you guys need to grow a pair...

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    It was cold today, but i was a little overheated in my 5 mil with boots and gloves. I will be wearing the full gear from here on out most likely. It was warm out. NJ.

    Definitely time to at least bring everything with you to the beach in my opinion.

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    Just wanted all of you guys to know that MVsurfer is alive and well after charging Oak Bluffs today via WaveJet gassed up with 116 octane racing fuel and wearing a 36/24/36mm Kevlar-lambskin wetty custom made by Sir Mix Alot's tailor. He also donned astronaut boots from NASA and his hands were cloaked by a combo of Michael Jackson's white glove and a catcher's mitt. In lieu of a hood, MVsurfer rocked Jim McMahon's headband formerly worn in the music video for The Super Bowl Shuffle.

    When asked what prompted such an ensemble he replied:
    "If Danny Way can jump the Great Wall of China and transitioning to a second ramp, I sure as hell can plow through P-Town like the King of Pop."

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    ^classic classic classic

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    for yesterday...I was way over-suited. first off...i forgot my earplugs, so I had to wear a fricken hood so my ears wouldn't be permanently clogged with water after getting tossed around yesterday. second, i wore gloves...there was no need to wear gloves, but once you paddled out where I was, you didn't really want to come in and run them back to your car. third, i wore my new XCEL drylock 4/3....i had a boner to try it out. needless to say, it is WARM. i felt sweat beads forming on my back. gross.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DawnPatrolSUP View Post
    Trunks only, F youse guys
    Ahh you're just jealous because you don't get to be confused aboot what wetsuit to wear as fall nears winter and when spring starts to really arrive. Such maddening, complex, confusing times.........

    Dude, should I wear gloves today?

    Man, the water's kind of warming up, should I peel-down or detach my hood today?

    3 mil or 4 mil or 5mil ....that is the question. Hey, I don't have a 4 mil....ahh man, now this is getting really confusing.

    Ha, you warm weather folks miss out on all of this.

    Cold people, when confused, find a peaceful spot and meditate and think: What would Wayne wear? You'll have your answer in two minutes........

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    It's cold today. But it was warm here in EMass yesterday. I'm so confused as a result!!! For all yous guys who had (may still have) the luxury of your madre dressing you before going out to the bus stop, what kind of socks and underoos should I wear in 38 degree temps if it's sunny and I'm spending most of my day no closer than 1/4 mile to the ocean? What if the NNW wind changes to SSW? What then? Do I change my shoes like Mr. Rogers and have a YouTube symposium about it? Where are the McAllisters going on their trip? Does this van get good gas mileage?

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    depends on the weather outside. Was out last week early AM session with a honkin NE, 4/3 did the trick with boots. Wish i just had some kind of head protection for that stiff breeze

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    Yesterday was all good without the gloves and hood. What a beautiful day... I'm not ready for the cold dark winter days ahead.